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? ? 2019, Vol. 18 Issue (8): 1914-1923???? DOI: 10.1016/S2095-3119(19)62583-9
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Effect of tillage and burial depth and density of seed on viability and seedling emergence of weedy rice
ZHANG Zheng1, GAO Ping-lei1, DAI Wei-min1, SONG Xiao-ling1, HU Feng2, QIANG Sheng1?
1 Weed Research Laboratory, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, P.R.China
2 College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, P.R.China
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Weedy rice (Oryza sativa f. spontanea) is one of the three worst paddy weeds in most rice growing areas.? The unexpected heavy infestation is derived from a persistence of soil seed bank of weedy rice, which the shattered seeds chiefly feed back to.? Information on soil seed bank dynamics is imperative to predict the infestation of weeds.? In the present paper, the effect of rotary tillage on weedy rice seed bank structure was studied first, and a burial experiment of marked seeds was conducted to observe the overwintering survival, seed viability and seedling emergence of weedy rice.? The results showed that the proportion of weedy rice seeds in deeper soil increased but seedling emergence decreased with increasing plowing depth.? The viability of weedy rice seeds decreased as the burial duration time extended but more slowly in deeper soil layers.? Additionally, there was no significant effect of burial density on seed viability.? Moreover, the logistic model fitted well (R2≥0.95, P≤0.01) with the depressive trends of seed viability with increasing burial time under all burial depths and densities which can provide us further information about seed survival.? In field experiments, number of seedling emergence significantly decreased as seed burial depth increased, conversely, proportion of seedling emergence increased as seed burial density decreased.? This study has important implications for determining strategies for weedy rice management by exhausting its seed bank through the alteration of tillage practices.
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GAO Ping-lei
DAI Wei-min
SONG Xiao-ling
HU Feng
Key wordsseed burial depth??? ?seed burial density??? ?germination??? ?wintering survival ?? ?seed vertical distribution?? ??
Received: 2018-03-20; Accepted: 2018-12-19
Fund: This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31500350) and the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2016YFD0200805).
Corresponding Authors: Correspondence QIANG Sheng, Tel/Fax: +86-25-84395117, E-mail: wrl@njau.edu.cn ???
About author: ZHANG Zheng, Tel: +86-25-84395117, E-mail: jaycheung2009 @163.com;
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ZHANG Zheng, GAO Ping-lei, DAI Wei-min, SONG Xiao-ling, HU Feng, QIANG Sheng. 2019.
Effect of tillage and burial depth and density of seed on viability and seedling emergence of weedy rice
. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 18(8): 1914-1923.
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http://www.chinaagrisci.com/Jwk_zgnykxen/EN/ 10.1016/S2095-3119(19)62583-9 ?????or ????http://www.chinaagrisci.com/Jwk_zgnykxen/EN/Y2019/V18/I8/1914
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[1] JIAO Xiao-qiang, WANG Chong, ZHANG Fu-suo. Editorial – Science and Technology Backyard: A novel model for technology innovation and agriculture transformation towards sustainable intensification[J]. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 2019, 18(8): 1655-1656.
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