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1 [Agricultural remote sensing big data: Management and applications] 2018 Vol.17(09):1915-1931
Yanbo Huang, CHEN Zhong-xin, YU Tao, HUANG Xiang-zhi, GU Xing-fa [Abstract] ( 410 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 13014?KB] (263)
2 [A simple way to visualize detailed phylogenetic tree of huge genomewide SNP data constructed by SNPhylo] 2018 Vol.17(09):1972-1978
YANG Hai-long, DONG Le, WANG Hui, LIU Chang-lin, LIU Fang, XIE Chuan-xiao [Abstract] ( 347 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 10046?KB] (223)
3 [The biotypes and host shifts of cotton-melon aphids Aphis gossypii?in northern China] 2018 Vol.17(09):2066-2073
ZHANG Shuai, LUO Jun-yu, WANG Li, WANG Chun-yi, Lü Li-min, ZHANG Li-juan, ZHU Xiang-zhen, CUI Jin-jie [Abstract] ( 344 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (7)
4 [Isolation and characterization of the secondary wall-related SND1 gene in hawthorn] 2018 Vol.17(09):2007-2014
CHEN Ke-qin, GUO Yun-na, SONG Meng-ru, DAI Hong-yan, ZHANG Zhi-hong [Abstract] ( 339 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (7)
5 [Transcriptomic responses to aluminum (Al) stress in maize] 2018 Vol.17(09):1946-1958
XU Li-ming, LIU Chan, CUI Bao-ming, WANG Ning, ZHAO Zhuo, ZHOU Li-na, HUANG Kai-feng, DING Jian-zhou, DU Han-mei, JIANG Wei, ZHANG Su-zhi [Abstract] ( 324 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (7)
6 [The trade margins of Chinese agricultural exports to ASEAN and their determinants] 2018 Vol.17(10):2356-2367
SUN Zhi-lu, LI Xian-de [Abstract] ( 315 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (8)
7 [Beneficial effects of silicon on photosynthesis of tomato seedlings under water stress] 2018 Vol.17(10):2151-2159
ZHANG Yi, SHI Yu, GONG Hai-jun, ZHAO Hai-liang, LI Huan-li, HU Yan-hong, WANG Yi-chao [Abstract] ( 307 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 930?KB] (285)
8 [Overexpression of AmDUF1517 enhanced tolerance to salinity, drought, and cold stress in transgenic cotton] 2018 Vol.17(10):2204-2214
HAO Yu-qiong, LU Guo-qing, WANG Li-hua, WANG Chun-ling, GUO Hui-ming, LI Yi-fei, CHENG Hong-mei [Abstract] ( 306 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 4492?KB] (226)
9 [Implications of step-chilling on meat color investigated using proteome analysis of the sarcoplasmic protein fraction of beef longissimus lumborum muscle] 2018 Vol.17(09):2118-2125
ZHANG Yi-min, ZHANG Xiu-ze, WANG Tian-tian, David L. Hopkins, MAO Yan-wei, LIANG Rong-rong, YANG Guang-fu, LUO Xin, ZHU Li-xian [Abstract] ( 303 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 5571?KB] (188)
10 [Comparison of forage yield, silage fermentative quality, anthocyanin stability, antioxidant activity, and in vitro rumen fermentation of anthocyanin-rich purple corn (Zea mays L.) stover and sticky corn stover] 2018 Vol.17(09):2082-2095
TIAN Xing-zhou, Pramote Paengkoum, Siwaporn Paengkoum, Sorasak Thongpea, BAN Chao [Abstract] ( 301 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (6)
11 [Genome-wide detection of selective signatures in a Duroc pig population] 2018 Vol.17(11):2528-2535
DIAO Shu-qi, LUO Yuan-yu, MA Yun-long, DENG Xi, HE Ying-ting, GAO Ning, ZHANG Hao, LI Jia-qi, CHEN Zan-mou, ZHANG Zhe [Abstract] ( 298 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (5)
12 [Evaluation of photosynthesis, physiological, and biochemical responses of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L. cv. Pirouz) under water deficit stress and use of vermicompost fertilizer] 2018 Vol.17(11):2426-2437
Saeed Reza Hosseinzadeh, Hamzeh Amiri, Ahmad Ismaili [Abstract] ( 294 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 841?KB] (332)
13 [Effects of planting methods on yield and quality of different types of japonica rice in northern Jiangsu plain, China] 2018 Vol.17(12):2624-2635
BIAN Jin-long, XU Fang-fu, HAN Chao, QIU Shi, GE Jia-lin, XU Jing, ZHANG Hong-cheng, WEI Hai-yan [Abstract] ( 291 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (5)
14 [Spatial-temporal evolution of vegetation evapotranspiration in Hebei Province, China] 2018 Vol.17(09):2107-2117
WANG Qian-feng, TANG Jia, ZENG Jing-yu, QU Yan-ping, ZHANG Qing, SHUI Wei, WANG Wu-lin, YI Lin, LENG Song [Abstract] ( 289 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (7)
15 [Overexpression of GmBIN2, a soybean glycogen synthase kinase 3 gene, enhances tolerance to salt and drought in transgenic Arabidopsis and soybean hairy roots] 2018 Vol.17(09):1959-1971
WANG Ling-shuang, CHEN Qing-shan, XIN Da-wei, QI Zhao-ming, ZHANG Chao, LI Si-nan, JIN Yang-mei, LI Mo, MEI Hong-yao, SU An-yu, WU Xiao-xia [Abstract] ( 288 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (8)
16 [Transcriptome approach to understand the potential mechanisms of resistant and susceptible alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) cultivars in response to aphid feeding] 2018 Vol.17(11):2518-2527
TU Xiong-bing, ZHAO Hai-long, ZHANG Ze-hua [Abstract] ( 286 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (5)
17 [Sustainability assessment of potato fields using the DEXi decision support system in Hamadan Province, Iran] 2018 Vol.17(11):2583-2595
Mohammed Ebrahim Rezaei, Morteza Barmaki, Hadi Veisi [Abstract] ( 283 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 1225?KB] (141)
18 [Selection and evaluation of potential reference genes for gene expression analysis in greenbug (Schizaphis graminum Rondani)] 2018 Vol.17(09):2054-2065
ZHANG Bai-zhong, LIU Jun-jie, YUAN Guo-hui, CHEN Xi-ling, GAO Xi-wu [Abstract] ( 281 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (6)
19 [Identification and characterization of Pichia membranifaciens Hmp-1 isolated from spoilage blackberry wine] 2018 Vol.17(09):2126-2136
WANG Ying, ZHAO Yan-cun, FAN Lin-lin, XIA Xiu-dong, LI Ya-hui, ZHOU Jian-zhong [Abstract] ( 277 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (6)
20 [Maize ABP2 enhances tolerance to drought and salt stress in transgenic Arabidopsis] 2018 Vol.17(11):2379-2393
ZONG Na, LI Xing-juan, WANG Lei, WANG Ying, WEN Hong-tao, LI Ling, ZHANG Xia, FAN Yun-liu, ZHAO Jun [Abstract] ( 275 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 35768?KB] (292)
21 [TaMIR1119, a miRNA family member of wheat (Triticum aestivum), is essential in the regulation of plant drought tolerance] 2018 Vol.17(11):2369-2378
SHI Gui-qing, FU Jing-ying, RONG Ling-jie, ZHANG Pei-yue, GUO Cheng-jin, XIAO Kai [Abstract] ( 271 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (3)
22 [China launches the “IAS1000 Project”] 2018 Vol.17(12):2840-2841
QIAN Wan-qiang, WAN Fang-hao [Abstract] ( 271 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (5)
23 [Effects of slow or controlled release fertilizer types and fertilization modes on yield and quality of rice] 2018 Vol.17(10):2222-2234
WEI Hai-yan, CHEN Zhi-feng, XING Zhi-peng, ZHOU Lei, LIU Qiu-yuan, ZHANG Zhen-zhen, JIANG Yan, HU Ya-jie, ZHU Jin-yan, CUI Pei-yuan, DAI Qi-gen, ZHANG Hong-cheng [Abstract] ( 268 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (10)
24 [Genetic variation in LBL1 contributes to depth of leaf blades lobes between cotton subspecies, Gossypium barbadense and Gossypium hirsutum] 2018 Vol.17(11):2394-2404
HE Dao-fang, ZHAO Xiang, LIANG Cheng-zhen, ZHU Tao, Muhammad Ali Abid, CAI Yong-ping, HE Jin-ling, ZHANG Rui [Abstract] ( 267 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (5)
25 [Variety-specific responses of lettuce grown in a gravel-film technique closed hydroponic system to N supply on yield, morphology, phytochemicals, mineral content and safety] 2018 Vol.17(11):2447-2457
Bevly M. Mampholo, Martin M. Maboko, Puffy Soundy, Dharini Sivakumar [Abstract] ( 264 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 1029?KB] (211)
26 [Germination and appressorium formation of Pyricularia oryzae Cavara can be inhibited by reduced concentration of Blasin?Flowable with carbon dioxide microbubbles] 2018 Vol.17(09):2024-2030
Tamaki Masahiko, Kobayashi Fumiyuki, Suehiro Keisuke, Ohsato Shuichi, Sato Michio [Abstract] ( 264 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (8)
27 [Selection for high quality pepper seeds by machine vision and classifiers] 2018 Vol.17(09):1999-2006
TU Ke-ling, LI Lin-juan, YANG Li-ming, WANG Jian-hua, SUN Qun [Abstract] ( 263 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (7)
28 [Evaluation and analysis of intraspecific competition in maize: A case study on plant density experiment] 2018 Vol.17(10):2235-2244
ZHAI Li-chao, XIE Rui-zhi, MING Bo, LI Shao-kun, MA Da-ling [Abstract] ( 263 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 1198?KB] (181)
29 [Systemic acquired resistance, NPR1, and pathogenesis-related genes in wheat and barley] 2018 Vol.17(11):2468-2476
WANG Xiao-dong, BI Wei-shuai, GAO Jing, YU Xiu-mei, WANG Hai-yan, LIU Da-qun [Abstract] ( 260 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 2791?KB] (298)
30 [Potato yield gaps across the rainfed Yin-mountain Hilly Area of China] 2018 Vol.17(11):2418-2425
JIA Li-guo, CHEN Yang, QIN Yong-lin, LIANG Rui-fang, CUI Shi-xin, MA Zhong, FAN Ming-shou [Abstract] ( 260 ) [HTML 0?KB][PDF 0?KB] (4)
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