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Call for Papers to a Special Issue of “Economics of Food, Nutrition and Health”

With rapid economic growth and cultural integration, China has transitioned from a country in which parents worried about from where their children’s next meal would come to one in which the prevalence of obesity and chronic diseases has become a serious public concern. Given China's population size and its rising role in the world economy, the rising health problems will not only generate domestic impacts but will also have profound implications to the rest of the world. However, to what degree these health concerns are related to the ongoing food, nutrition and dietary changes, and what the ramifications could be to food security, agricultural and food industries, social welfare, as well as international trade, have not yet been well understood.


In response, the?Journal of Integrative Agriculture?(JIA) is organizing a special issue entitled “Economics of Food, Nutrition and Health” to help provide deeper understandings of these issues.?Jointly published by Elsevier and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS),?JIA?provides an active and comprehensive forum for agricultural scientists to disseminate their newest scientific discoveries. The current impact factor of JIA is 1.042.


We invite submissions for contributed papers from all researchers working on related topics from an economic and/or social science perspective. Topics to be covered include (but are not limited to):

· Current food consumption patterns

· Changing dietary patterns

· Development of the fast-food sector

· Dining environment

· Food security and food safety

· Food waste

· Health impacts of online food ordering

· Intrahousehold allocation of food and nutrition

· Migration and nutrition

· Nutrition and mental health

· Population aging and food consumption

· Poverty and food consumption

· Public policies in food, nutrition and health

· School meals


The special issue will be organized by Guest Editor BAI Junfei, Professor of Agricultural Economics in College of Economics and Management, China Agricultural University. For further questions, please contact Managing Editor WENG Lingyun, Tel: 010-82106280,E-mail:?wenglingyun@caas.cn;?Dr. ZHU Chen, E-mail:?zhuchen@cau.edu.cn.


This special issue will strictly follow the editorial policy of JIA.?All manuscripts must be passed by rigorous peer-review process.


All papers must be submitted online (http://mc03.manuscriptcentral.com/asic), and should include the key words "Ecimonics of Food, Nutrition and Health" after the title to distinguish themselves from other articles. The format of manuscript and the information about JIA could be found in:?http://www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-integrative-agriculture/ .


The submission deadline for the special issue is?June?30, 2018.?The special issue is expected to be published in the 2018 December?or 2019 January issue of JIA.


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